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Welcome to Breastfeeding Made Simple.com

Sometimes, breastfeeding can be more challenging than you imagined--and anything but simple. If this describes you, help is on the way. In our book, Breastfeeding Made Simple, we describe the Seven Natural Laws of Breastfeeding. These are laws you can use to get breastfeeding off to a good start and avoid common challenges.  If you are having difficulties, these laws can help you get back on track. We’ve also provided some additional resources on this site to help you have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience.

We wish you the best in your breastfeeding and mothering journey.

Nancy and Kathy

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The 7 Natural Laws of Breastfeeding
The one book that saved my
life was Breastfeeding Made Simple — the most phenomenal breastfeeding book ever.
Jenna Elfman, Actress
Breastfeeding--So Easy Even a Doctor Can Support It 
New article from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine