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Approximately 15 to 25 percent of mothers worldwide become depressed in the year after birth.  Depression is something that has serious consequences for both you and your baby.  Depression can also increase your risk of stopping breastfeeding altogether. But continuing to breastfeed is both good for both you and it protects your baby. So we would encourage you to continue to breastfeed if at all possible.

The good news is that most treatments for depression are safe for breastfeeding mothers.  Below are some resources to help you cope with depression.

Treatment Options

Antidepressant Use in Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women
Medication Use for Trauma Symptoms

Podcast: How to Treat Depression Safely While Breastfeeding

Non-drug Treatments
Bright Light Therapy for Depression
Can Fats Make you Happy? Omega-3s and Depression
Exercise as a Treatment for Depression in New Mothers
Massage Therapy for Depression
How Other Cultures Prevent Postpartum Depression
Non-drug Treatments for Depression
Non-drug Treatments for Trauma
Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Anxiety